The CleanMAX initiative is, in our view, a very human-to-human endeavor, as we apply our significant knowledge in the fields of advanced fiber opto-electronics, sensors and IoT, to the benefit of our fellow global citizens.

Importantly, while CleanMAX was originally designed for B2B applications, we foresee a time in the near term when our units are available for personal use and become as ubiquitous as standard smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Own CleanMAX

CleanMAX units are available in two different lengths to best fit your organization’s sanitization needs.

Each CleanMAX is controlled via our Administrator’s Dashboard, along with our Mobile App, enabling assigned employees to monitor and control all of the CleanMAX units deployed throughout their organization’s fleet of vehicles or inventory of facilities.

Later in 2021, we will begin offering a limited number of CleanMAX units for personal use.

The CleanMAX

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