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The Brand

Our Mission and Vision

In keeping with our overriding goal of helping to maximize the wellbeing of humankind, we choose the name Maxwellian to denote our vision of “Maximum Wellness, leading directly to a feeling of “Freedom” by providing continually sanitized biosafe environments. This is accomplished through our truly advanced yet affordable platform, built upon Al & Data-driven autonomous Optical monitoring and sanitization, for both mobility infrastructures and in-facility applications.

As an organization, Maxwellian is inspired by the brilliant work of the British scientist James Maxwell, who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation that first brought together electricity, magnetism and light as different manifestations of the same phenomenon. Maxwellian proudly applies Maxwell’s theorems to solve some of the most extreme real-world environmental and economic challenges of our era, using the advanced technologies that are available today.

Maxwellian’s mission is to keep people safe within the environments that they inhabit on a daily basis and to ensure the smooth operation of supply chains around the globe.

Maxwellian’s vision is to provide the most efficient, reliable, affordable and scalable Optical technology-centric solutions, empowering people and businesses to monitor, manage and control their environments in terms of safety and performance, leading to greater freedom for all.

Core Competency 

Maxwellian is a deep-tech company that offers AI-enabled, Data-driven Optical platforms for smart mobility infrastructures, in-facility deployments, asset management-focused solutions, the monitoring of harsh environments and for autonomous Sanitization applications.

Specifically, our company provides truly advanced solutions built for speed and efficiency via IoT platforms, featuring integrated new generation Optical sensors and applicable technologies, lowering each customer’s cost of ownership by 70%, while increasing the speed and performance by a factor of 10X.

Led by our CEO, whose career has spanned over 20 years in the field of fiber Optical tech, Maxwellian’s visionary core team boasts over 100 years of combined business and technology experience, with the shared goal of combining the effectiveness and longevity of optics with affordable materials to deliver ground- breaking solutions.

Gas Plant

New Generation

IoT Optical Sensors for smart mobility infrastructures from aviation to marine industries.

Customized Technology

Maxwellian’s technology differentiates and automates your business with a new generation of low cost, high-performance Optical monitoring systems that can be customized and retrofit to your industry’s unique infrastructure.

Maxwellian’s award-winning platform is recognized by industry leaders in the US, Canada, the UK and the EU as the most customizable Optical IoT technology for empowering smart infrastructures in Mobility, Commercial and Heavy industries.

Maxwellian’s CleanMAX is uniquely customizable, as it’s software can be updated to eradicate new viruses, pathogens and their respective variants, over-the-air on a just-in-time basis.

Covid 19


UV Sanitization 

Maxwellian offers autonomous sanitization solutions for mobility sectors from aviation to public transportation. This solution uses cutting edge optical sensors and UV technology to enable on the go quick sanitization specially designed for pandemics like COVID-19.

Gas Plant

Custom designed solutions for Green Energy and Agriculture

Using advanced Optical fiber technology, Maxwellian delivers efficient, accurate, resilient and cost-effective solutions to monitor ambient humidity levels, as well as the damaging gases that cause asset destroying equipment corrosion.








Our sensors also revolutionize the efficiency and output of wind power turbines by reducing the related operations and maintenance costs, especially for the burgeoning offshore wind industry. These same sensors also minimize safety risks for wind technicians in perilous work environments.

Further, we overcome the shortcomings of the current, industry-standard polymer-based sensors with the knowledge gathered through more robust data collection and, in turn, deliver longer life cycles in spite of the existing environmental stresses that traditionally corrode and compromise wind-turbine machinery. As a result, our sensor-based solution solves clean energy's eternal need to minimize cost, while maximizing energy output.

Gas Plant

Monitoring and Data

for harsh environments

  • Gas sensing and instrumentation for aviation

  • Corrosion probe for marine infrastructures 

  • Corrosion monitoring for space

  • Humidity monitoring for chemical process, pipes, and pharma 

  • Environmental monitoring for vehicle test and cargo transportation 

  • IoT data map for targeted gases in manufacturing and pharma sites

  • High-end optical monitoring for agricultural sites  

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