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The proprietary Maxwellian CleanMAX platform autonomously sanitizes both the air around us and the surfaces we touch, efficiently and economically in just a few minutes using precise UVC light. CleanMAX keeps people and their surroundings biosafe by protecting against pathogens including COVID-19, along with newly arising variants. Importantly, CleanMAX eliminates the use of liquid chemical disinfectants, time consuming and costly to apply and replenish by exhausted teams of assigned sanitization personnel.



CleanMAX units are designed for both the mobility and in-facility markets, via their mounting inside public transit and private vehicles, aircraft, ships-at-sea, as well as on the ceilings, walls and inside the ductwork of buildings of all kinds.

Customizable sanitization schedules (on a 24/7/365 basis) and UVC light application reports are facilitated through the intuitive Remote Command and Control Dashboard, created to autonomously manage the end-to-end CleanMAX process.

Further, the Dashboard’s control of the array of sensors built into each CleanMAX results in maximal levels of sanitization efficacy, while at the same time being protective of humans and pets.



Kills bacteria and viruses on demand









CleanMAX : The Giant leap to keep your surrounding biosafe

It's smart

The CleanMAX uses applicable dosages of UVC light to thoroughly sanitize your surroundings and it will adjust those dosages on-the-fly depending upon the virus or pathogen that is being targeted for eradication at that specific point in time.

It's programmable

CleanMAX utilizes AI-enabled software that can be custom tuned to eradicate specific strains and variants of a growing list of viruses and pathogens, with automatic over-the-air updates to each deployed CleanMAX unit keeping the solution dynamically future-proof.

It's versatile

No matter the virus or pathogen, from the Flu, COVID-19 or bacteria including e-Coli and MRSA, CleanMAX is the affordable sanitization solution that will always have you covered.


Double Core Safety Sensing Technology

CleanMAX only sanitizes your surroundings when it is safe to do so, as it relies on our proprietary Double Core Safety Sensing technology, originally designed for the demanding aerospace industry.

Specifically, our integrated Occupancy Sensor is 16 times more sensitive than a 360° motion detector to ensure that no people or pets are present when a CleanMAX session is initiated.





Weather-related Sensitivity,

smart, and powerful!

Different air/weather conditions require varying UVC dosages, in order to most effectively sanitize the ambient environment and surfaces. Each CleanMAX unit has a built-in array of sensors, along with a microprocessor that monitors the surrounding airflow conditions and, in turn, adjusts the UVC dosage it applies accordingly.

CleanMAX is also self-diagnostic, as its internal smart sensors include those that monitor any changes within each unit, including the status of the UVC lights and the circuitry, notifying assigned, remotely situated personnel in real-time of any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance that is required, in order to significantly minimize any downtime.


Rather than wait for a professionally produced video to show off our product, it is with great pride that we share a behind-the-scenes moment with you that presents the first operational test of the CleanMAX unit in the field.

The video was taken in mid-2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, in an indoor parking garage in the late evening, in order to show off CleanMAX, in spite of the social distancing restrictions that prevailed.

In essence, it is a nostalgic memento of our team’s passion and drive to make our fellow global citizens as safe as possible, each day.

Please check out the CleanMAX in action on our YouTube channel and be sure to follow us on social media for updates and news.

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A key moment in the history of CleanMAX

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