Maxwellian has assembled a visionary core team with over 100 years of combined business and technology experience. Our CEO started more than 20 years ago with an insatiable desire to make clean, fiber optical tech accessible. His focus was to combine the effectiveness and longevity of optics with affordable materials. 

It is how Maxwellian was born, and our commitment to cost-effective, hearty sensing technology resonates more poignantly every day.



Maxwellian empowers Mobility, Energy, and Agricultural industries by providing Autonomous Sanitization and Monitoring Solutions using unique Optical IoT technology to ensure data accessibility for Safety and Asset Management.


Maxwellian technology differentiates your business with a new generation of a high-performance optical system that lowers your cost of ownership by 70% while increasing the speed and performance by 10X.

Maxwellian award-winning technology is recognized by the industry leaders in the US and EU as the most customizable Optical IoT technology for empowering smart infrastructures in Mobility and Energy Sectors.


Monitoring Solutions:

Humidity-Gas- Corrosion

Gas Plant


New Generation of IoT OpticalSensors for smart mobility infrastructures from aviation to marine industries.


Monitoring and Data for harsh environments  

  • Gas sensing and instrumentation for aviation

  • Corrosion probe for marine infrastructures 

  • Corrosion monitoring for space

  • Humidity monitoring for chemical process, pipes, and pharma 

  • Environmental monitoring for vehicle test and cargo transportation 

  • IoT data map for targeted gases in manufacturing and pharma sites

  • High-end optical monitoring for agricultural sites  

Autonomous Sanitization:

UV Light Disinfection and IoT Data

Covid 19


UV Sanitization 

Maxwellian offers autonomous sanitization solutions for mobility sectors from aviation to public transportation. This solution uses cutting edge optical sensors and UV technology to enable on the go quick sanitization specially designed for pandemics like COVID-19.

Custom designed solutions for

Green Energy and Agriculture 

Using optical fiber technology, Maxwellian offers an efficient, accurate, and resilient system to monitor humidity and damaging gases that cause equipment corrosion. Our sensors will revolutionize the efficiency and output of wind power by reducing operations and maintenance costs, especially for the burgeoning offshore wind industry.


Our sensors will also minimize safety risks for wind technicians in perilous work environments. We overcome shortcomings of the current, industry-standard polymer-based sensors with more robust data collection and a longer life cycle under environmental stresses that denigrate and corrode wind-turbine machinery. Our sensors enable clean energy's eternal need to minimize cost and maximize energy output.


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